🍷 Pairing red wine with Raclette: a frequently asked question 😊

Raclette, that comforting and communal dish originating from the Swiss Alps, is a true winter delight. But when it comes to choosing the wine that will accompany it, many find themselves puzzled. The melted cheese, potatoes, pickles, and charcuterie that compose this feast deserve a vinous companion worthy of the occasion. So, what red wine should you choose to elevate a raclette? Here are some suggestions for a perfect harmony of flavors.

While, on principle, people tend to prefer a white wine with a cheese-based dish, it is also possible to drink a red wine with a raclette as long as a few rules are observed.

Understanding the Elements to Pair:

Before selecting the ideal red wine, it's crucial to understand the flavors and textures of raclette. This rich and hearty dish consists mainly of melted cheese, potatoes, charcuterie, and tangy condiments like pickles. The centerpiece, the cheese, has a creamy texture and rich, savory flavors.

It is not always customary to choose a good Merlot to accompany this dish. This is a mistake, as it offers an unrivalled harmony of flavours. 

To balance this richness, it's wise to choose a red wine that brings freshness, acidity, and supple tannins.

This is why our Grand Vin Château Canon Chaigneau 2012 is absolutely ideal. 

Tips for successful tasting:

  • Serving Temperature: ensure you serve the red wine slightly chilled, at a temperature between 55°F and 60°F (13°C to 16°C), to highlight its aromas and freshness.

  • Appropriate Glassware: use a standard red wine glass, allowing the wine to aerate and release its aromas.

  • Progressive tasting: begin by tasting the wine on its own to appreciate its characteristics, then take a bite of raclette and observe how the flavors combine and complement each other.

In conclusion, choosing the right red wine to accompany raclette can transform an ordinary meal into a memorable gastronomic experience. By opting for a supple, round and complex wines like our Canon Chaigneau 2012 vintage, drinking perfectly now and over the coming few years, you can enhance the rich, creamy flavors of raclette while balancing its textures. So, the next time you host a raclette evening, don't forget to select the perfect red wine to accompany it and delight your guests.

And, above all, share your experience with us!

Cheers and bon appétit!

Romik & Marine