Our 18 and 19 - drink over a couple of days

Our younger vintages certainly benefit aging, but otherwise the mellowing effects of waiting can be in part at least be experienced by extended aeration. They are perfect to open one evening and to be enjoyed over a 24 hour or even 48 hour period!

Fine wine enthusiasts often discuss the transformative power of aeration, and Chateau Canon Chaigneau's Lalande de Pomerol is a prime example of a wine that evolves sensationally over 24 hours. Our remarkable reds, originating from the Neac plateau and crafted by the legendary Thierry Garnaud, reveals more and more complexities and nuances as they breath, offering a dynamic and ever changing tasting experience.

The initial pour

Upon opening a bottle of Chateau Canon Chaigneau's Lalande de Pomerol, the initial pour is a sensory delight. The wine exhibits a deep ruby color, inviting you to explore its aromatic profile. Initially, the nose is generally dominated by ripe red fruits such as cherry and plum, accompanied by subtle hints of spice and a whisper of oak. On the palate, the wines are robust and full-bodied, with firm tannins and a vibrant acidity that promises great potential, and a long finish of mineral and iron, flavour profiles that are very simply, an extension of our wonderful and unique terroir.

The first hour

As the wine begins to aerate, the initial intensity mellows slightly, allowing more delicate notes to emerge. Within the first hour, you may notice a softening of the tannins and an enhanced aroma profile. Floral hints, such as violet and lavender, start to appear, complementing the fruit and spice. The wine's structure becomes more apparent, showcasing a harmonious balance between its components.

The midpoint: 6-12 hours

Between the six to twelve-hour mark, Chateau Canon Chaigneau's Lalande de Pomerol undergoes a significant transformation. The aeration process allows the wine to open up further, revealing deeper layers of complexity. Secondary aromas and flavours develop, iron moving towards earthy undertones of truffle and forest floor, along with the touch of minerality that reflects the terroir of the Neac plateau, nuances which otherwise are only apparent on the wines’ more highly wound finale.

The tannins continue to integrate, resulting in a smoother mouthfeel. The acidity, while still present, becomes more refined, enhancing the wine's overall balance. This period is often when the wine reaches its peak expression, offering a rich, multi-dimensional experience that highlights Thierry Garnaud's winemaking prowess.

The final stretch: 18-24 hours

As the 24-hour mark approaches, Chateau Canon Chaigneau's Lalande de Pomerol achieves a state of refined elegance. The aromatic bouquet is now fully developed, presenting a seamless blend of fruit, floral, spice, and earthy notes. On the palate, the wine is exceptionally smooth, with velvety tannins and a lingering finish that invites contemplation.

By this point, the wine has transitioned from its initial boldness to a more sophisticated and nuanced profile. The integration of flavors and aromas creates a harmonious symphony that reflects the wine's journey from vineyard to glass. It's a testament to the meticulous care and expertise that Thierry Garnaud brings to his craft, ensuring that each bottle evolves gracefully over time.

Our wines rewards patience and attention. Its evolution over a 24-hour period showcases the dynamic nature of fine red wine, offering a tasting experience that unfolds in stages. From the initial pour to the final sip, this wine embodies the essence of the Neac plateau and the masterful touch of Thierry Garnaud.

For those who appreciate the art of wine, allowing Chateau Canon Chaigneau's Lalande de Pomerol to breathe and develop over 24 hours is a journey worth embarking on. Each hour reveals new dimensions, culminating in a wine that is as complex as it is captivating.