Château Canon Chaigneau has a long history, with wine first being cultivated on the rich land in Roman times, nearly 2,000 years ago. More recently, London born wine merchant Romik Arconian, & his partner, Marine Fontana - trained as an agricultural engineer - have taken over the vineyard. We are supported by our two young children, with a few close friends as investors.

Understanding the importance of that long legacy, we are delighted to have been able to maintain close ties with the previous owners - the Marin family - who have owned & operated the estate since the 60's, and remain shareholders to this day. Indeed, Louis Marin, stayed on as ‘Chef de Culture’; a role he has undertaken for almost 40 years.

We all firmly believe thatCanon Chaigneau is one of the most wonderful, complex, fascinating and drinkable wines available on the planet today; with a true, independent heart of Bordeaux, an utterly magical terroir & of course, a legendary winemaker of undisputable talent...

Our Fabulous Terroir

Château Canon Chaigneau is located then in the eastern side of the Lalande de Pomerol appellation on the Néac plateau, and just to the north of the Pomerol plateau, where the likes of Petrus, Lafleur, la Conseillante and Clinet can be found.

At Canon Chaigneau, we are lucky enough to have a terroir of clay, limestone & iron deposits; indeed very similar to those great names just to the south, a terroir adding genuine complexity and making for excellent, refined & age worthy wines. 

Indeed, the Romans recognised the greatness of our terroir, and winemaking began here almost 2000 years ago...

A Classic Winemaking Facility

We specialise in blending tradition with modernity: from impeccably run vineyards, to top quality concrete vats.

Produced traditionally according to 'La lutte raisonnée' (literally 'the reasoned struggle') - using less chemicals than conventional growers.

We are 90% Merlot, 5% Cabernet & 5% Pressac
(More commonly known as Malbec, outside of Bordeaux)
with a good and regular harvest of ~120,000 bottles per year

We vinify in a traditionally equipped, excellent quality cement cuverie, then age in cement cuves and old oak barrels.
From the 2019 vintage onwards, the wine will be in 30% new French Oak.