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The summer surge: understanding the vigorous growth of vineyard vines

By Romik Arconian on Jul 19, 2024

Summer is a crucial period for vineyard vines, characterized by rapid growth and dynamic changes. This is why this unusual weather at the moment is quite challenging for our big littles vines! Sun is finall...

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3 reasons to embrace red wine in the summer

By Romik Arconian on Jul 11, 2024

When the mercury rises and the days grow longer, many people instinctively reach for a chilled white wine, a crisp rosé, or a refreshing beer. However, red wine, often associated with cozy winter nights and ...

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Picnic & wine

By Romik Arconian on Jul 03, 2024

The History of the Picnic Okay, it hasn’t been the warmest summer on record, but 23 degrees and hazy sunshine, rather than 35 degrees and burning rays is of course a much more agreeable weather profile to e...

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Increasing hail frequency in Bordeaux vineyards and climate change

By Romik Arconian on Jun 26, 2024

The Bordeaux region of France is renowned for its vineyards, which produce some of the world's most prestigious wines. However, in recent years, these vineyards have faced an increasing threat from hailsto...

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Our 18 and 19 - drink over a couple of days

By Romik Arconian on Jun 20, 2024

Our younger vintages certainly benefit aging, but otherwise the mellowing effects of waiting can be in part at least be experienced by extended aeration. They are perfect to open one evening and to be enjoy...

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Primeurs 2023

By Romik Arconian on May 21, 2024

Bonjour à tous, Nos primeurs 2023 sont maintenant disponibles à la réservation, alors n'hésitez pas à nous contacter. Nous avons reçu d'excellentes critiques, voir ci-dessous.  Nous avons vendangé à part...

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2023 Vintage Reviews & Scores

By Romik Arconian on May 17, 2024

Here below our very excellent scores for our 2023s! This year we only made two wines, the Cabernet Franc all went into our grand vin this year: We’ve had some great reviews, as per below. There is more of a ...

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🍷 Pairing red wine with Raclette: a frequently asked question 😊

By Romik Arconian on Apr 16, 2024

Raclette, that comforting and communal dish originating from the Swiss Alps, is a true winter delight. But when it comes to choosing the wine that will accompany it, many find themselves puzzled. The melted...

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Why should a wine be decanted?

By Romik Arconian on Apr 09, 2024

Decanting a bottle of wine involves gently transferring the wine from a bottle to a wider vessel called a decanter. Here are some of the main advantages of decanting wine: Aeration: by pouring the wine i...

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"Superbe, absolument incroyable! Elle exprime le cabernet franc dans toute sa pureté et sa sublime concentration." + Primeurs!!

By Romik Arconian on Apr 03, 2024

Bonjour à tous,Des nouvelles en direct de Néac : notre toute nouvelle cuvée mono-cépage, appelée simplement "Cuve 1A - Cabernet Franc", millésime 2022 est maintenant disponible ! Nous avons un peu plus d'un...

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What to eat with red wine: Easter 2024!

By Romik Arconian on Mar 29, 2024

'Serious, sexy and exotic', Joe Fattorini, My wine of the Year 2023!!   Easter is fast approaching, and our 2011 will be uterly sensational with a seven hour slow cooked leg of lamb. Or of course a plan...

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Nous vous souhaitons de bonnes fêtes de fin d'année !

By Romik Arconian on Dec 22, 2023

Chers tous,Juste un petit article pour vous souhaiter à tous un joyeux Noël, et tous nos vœux pour 2024 ! Canon Chaigneau a connu une très bonne année 2023, avec de nouveaux clients fabuleux. Nous avons ma...

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2023 Harvest & vintage update! 🍇

By Romik Arconian on Oct 11, 2023

Hello! We finished the 2023 harvest on the 27th of september, "les écoulages" and vinifications yesterday! Things went very well, with a good quantity of very ripe, juicy, thick skinned berries, with go...

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We hope you had a great summer!

By Romik Arconian on Sep 08, 2023

Here the season was warm, with just a little rain, with over 10 days of temperatures over 35 degrees. We managed to avoid the mildew, & the vines are locked and loaded and looking in great shape, wit...

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Last call for your Summer Wine!!

By Romik Arconian on Jul 28, 2023

` There'll be a few days of less hot weather next week, so it's the ideal time to send out a last order for a case of fine summer red!   Use code 'SUMMER15' for a 15% discount on your summer order!   Whi...

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Your luxury summer (red) wine!

By Romik Arconian on Jun 13, 2023

` Summer is here! It’s going to be hot hot hot all week, (and for the next & whilst you might be screaming for a glass of bubbles, white or rosé, you simply can’t beat a great red to accompany a main d...

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Nos 2022 disponibles en primeur !

By Marine Fontana on Jun 05, 2023

"UN MILLESIME MIRACULEUX ET VÉRITABLEMENT EXCEPTIONNEL", Colin Hay "UNE ANNEE GRANDIOSE QUI FIXE UNE NOUVELLE REFERENCE", James Suckling Nos 2022 sont maintenant disponibles à la réservation en primeur ...

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It's mother's day in 10 days in France !

By Romik Arconian on May 24, 2023

And what better gift than a lovely bottle of Canon Chaigneau, even better a tasting pack of 6 different vintages, to thank her for bringing you into the world? Order now and use code ‘MerciMaman15’ for a...

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Easter News!

By Romik Arconian on Apr 04, 2023

  Share original ideas to match our wines at Easter! Easter is around the corner, and this year we’ll be eating something different, lamb free... We think our 2016 in particular will paid beautifully with t...

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Happy easter week!

By Romik Arconian on Apr 03, 2023

  3 tips to prepare for Easter weekend! Pick a dish or two and find a wine that'll pair perfectly! Easter is around the corner, and this year we’ll be eating something different, lamb free... We think o...

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On vous souhaite une belle semaine de Pâques !

By Romik Arconian on Apr 03, 2023

  3 astuces pour patienter avant le jour J Organiser le repas et trouver le vin à associer ! De temps en temps, on aime bien casser les stéréotypes au Château Canon Chaigneau : pour Pâques, on vous prop...

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