Welcome to the Canon Chaigneau family.

We only took over our marvellous vineyard recently, in 2020, during confinement and the pandemic, along with our 2 (very) little ones!

Our dream is to bring our wines direct to passionate consumers who love the finer things in life. We want to work closely with our clients, to get their feedback, and interact as fully as possible with everyone who drinks our great wines. 

We send out (reasonably!) regular news about our vineyard, the climate, new releases, private sales or ideas for food and wine pairings with different vintages.
Follow us on Instagram (send us a little hello in DM) or on Tiktok, put a review on Google, place a nice order on our website or simply talk about us to your friends..! And if you are in the region, drop us a mail and make an appointment to come by!

We currently have some availability of back vintages (which is quite rare!), and you should take full advantage. It’s a fascinating tasting experience to appreciate & compare how the different vintage conditions impact the wine’s flavour profile and textures, and to determine which is your favourite, but also to taste how aging influences a wine.Each vintage is special in its own way, as you’ll see from the tasing notes from the various journalists on each page.

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A Warm Welcome

To say thank you for taking the first steps on your discovery of our truly great wines, we offer you a 10% discount on your first order!

Simply pop in the code NEWCLIENT at checkout.

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PS: we invite you to add marine@canonchaigneau.com also in your address book 😉 it sometimes goes into spam, though if you are interested in our wines and want to hear from us more easily!