Newsletter - March 22 - More Scores on the 2019s


Our 19s have received some great tasting notes & scores, as per above! It’s a splendid vintage, our first one in charge of the harvest, and it’s thrilling to get such positive feedback from the industry's very top wine journalists.

But it's equally gratifying when top sommeliers commit to the wine, & it's marvellous to announce that our wines will be now available at these leading eateries:

- 0ur 2016 will be served at Cyril Lignac's tables across Paris, alongside legends such as DRC, Colin-Morey, Château Rayas & Alain Voge.
- our 2018 is at Sam's Brasserie, Hammersmith & Le Colombier, Chelsea
- our 2012 is at L'Escargot, Soho, regularly heralded as London's finest French restaurant.
- our second label, Château Tour Canon, has been selected for Vins Richard, so will be on many of the city's best brasserie & cafés' lists. 
- our 2018 is at the Michelin starred Berrens am Kai, Düsseldorf 

When you consider that there are 75,000+ wine producers in France, and generally around 50-100 make it onto such prestigious wine lists, it’s a very special honour to be selected. 

 In other news, I’ll be presenting our wines at the ABS Wine Agencies French portfolio tasting this Thursday, the 17th March, at 67 Pall Mall, London; plus we’ll have a tasting stand at the Wine Advocate's ‘A Matter of Taste’, in Zurich on the 2nd & 3rd of April, at the Dolder Grand Hotel. Let me know if you would like to meet at either!

Finally, for our private clients, our new website is up & running, with English/ French versions, and online subscriptions now available. Use 'newsite15for a 15 percent reduction!